the calm before the storm

it's 6:30 pm. officially, Yoyong (or typhoon Namnadol) will be hitting the country either by midnight or early friday morning but already the telltale signs of a great storm are here: rains, wind, traffic as everyone's hurrying to get home asap.

In preparation for the storm, classes have been suspended on all levels, offices and factories are being shut down, text messages sent around for people to pray and prepare.(is it just me or are there's some traces of pride in the text messages being passed around: "typhoon Yoyong is as big as the whole of the Philippines." it's probably me lang hehehe)

In true lamb-like fashion, i went to the grocery just to make sure we have enough stocks to last us for the duration of the storm. I say lamb-like because aside from rice, there wasn't much we really need but well...

so anyway i was there and predictably so was half the people who resided in our area. the other half, i presume, went earlier to avoid the throng. i looked at the stuff they were buying: batteries, candles, canned goods, instant mami, soda, cigarettes. Mine looked like this: cheese, tea, baguette, milk (for the adults), milk (for the little one). The rice we got earlier at our suking organic store. I texted my husband my observations about the buying priorities and he told me mine was coño. hehehe Can I help it if i think that the best way to spend two anticipated days of being cooped in is to make sure we have enough ingredients for a bruschetta. Hope the electricity holds up or there goes the toasted cheese sandwich with fresh basil and tomato (i use an oven toaster). Hay, food. Dieting and bed weather don't mix well, reminded my friend Ene.

For all of you who might be reading this, be careful of the coming storm. it's really gonna be a big one. Meantime, excuse me. I have to prepare for the NU Rock Awards which come rain come shine will push through tonight. Cambio is nominated in 5 categories. The venue is also at the reclamation area right beside the Manila Bay. Myrene, who along with the whole of Sandwich booked a room at the Philippine Plaza (smart idea) texted Ene earlier that Manila Bay was "scary." That was at 4 pm. I wonder how it looks now.


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