email hoarding

All ye people with more than 4 active e-mail addresses, say aye.


Email hoarding. E-mail whoring, more like. hehehe

Let me see: On yahoo, i have 2. I have an edsamail account (which i'm planning to retire real soon. my account is so spam-ridden and edsamail doesn't have a built-in filter. maybe they have now but i've long since ceased to care. Sayang, i was a premium member pa naman). Of course, there's still the Isis account (which i suspect will be terminated soon since my contract with this NGO is coming to a close), and I just had to give in and get myself a gmail account which is all of three weeks old.

and if things work out in my favor (or should i say "un-favor"), i will soon be sporting yet another e-mail account under my new employer.

Is this blog going anywhere? not really. This is just another classic example of page-filler. I have to do my monthly qouta of filling up the web with useless detritus hahaha


Blogger not another scorpio said...

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4:02 PM  
Blogger not another scorpio said...

what i mean a say is

im just gotten my gmail!!!!

know what the g stands for?



1000MB of email.

time to simplify

4:04 PM  

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