Lola Osang

Yup, you read it right. The feisty, beautiful Rosanna Roces is now a grandmother (and if i'm correct, she's yet to hit her 40s).

But oh it's heartbreaking. Her daughter Grace is only 15 years old and the father is only 16 years old. I can't imagine how this would affect the lives of these two teenagers. It's just mind-boggling. I know this is not a new thing especially among the urban and rural poor. But we're talking here about privileged kids. Ah, well. Maybe there is a reason why this happened. I just hope they have enough courage and strength to see teh whole thinh through.

I have a child so i know the hardships (and I'm 33!!). And i've known women who has their first child at a fairly young age and who are really doing well now. But this is too young. I'm not being judgemental or anything. I'm just heartbroken that these kids will be missing out on a lot of things. I sometimes still get so freaked out when my 3-year old exhibits her God-given right to make me feel guilty for even thinking of going out on a date with her father or just hanging out with some dear old friends.

But I wish them well. But most of all I wish the grandmothers well. This is a bittersweet moment for them.


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