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i think having a blog and not making any entry for several days on end makes for a really pathetic blog, Wala lang. Naaawa lang ako sa blog ko. It looks so abandoned. i bet if it has the ability, it'd be sulking by now and really making no pretense of hiding it from me.


it's the holidays. And for this year we decided to extend our annual family vacation in Zamboanga to include all of 2 weeks and some. Usually we stay here at the Zabala home for a week and then fly back to Manila. It's quite a stay. We practically do nothing except wake up, eat, try to plan our day (choice of: helping in the family restaurant, going to the beach, staying at home and do nothing). Invariably, we stay home most of the time. And this being a family who's been in the food business since the 1960s, we're stuffed silly most of the time. Aside from the fact that we can easily order great-tasting burgers and palabok from the store (delivered in less than 30 minutes) there's also the bakers who keep on making stuff for the house, usually in time for merienda (freshly baked breads, hopias. who could resist that?) Ay grabe, i tell you. dieting or sensible eating in this situation is a challenge. Suffice it to say that it's a challenge i'm barely winning. Did you hear that sound? That's my belly flopping. hahahaha


I'm also relishing the fact that my sister-in-law and her husband has hooked up a DSL account in their room. Part of the day is spent in front of the computer. My gawd, it's really something. I get to download a song in less than 10 minutes. Kaya naman pala nagpapanic ang mga labels sa States sa file swapping. It's so easy and so addicting. DSL and ipod go together like fries and ketchup. Now i really get why ipods are such an important gadget.


I caught the last 2 episodes of Sex and the City last Tuesday (after one tree hill and the o.c. of course). what can i say? It's like saying goodbye to 4 good friends. I was crying half the time. I cried when Carrie finally said goodbye to her 3 best friends the night she was leaving for Paris to pursue a different life. I cried when Samantha removed her wig during her speech at a cancer fundraiser. I cried when Miranda took care of her 'mother-in-law' who's lost much of her memory. I cried when Charlotte finally got the child she's been waiting for. I cried when Big finally realized Carrie was the one for him and yet was astute to recognize that he would rank fourth behind Carrie's 3 best friends.

Yes, it's a lot like saying goodbye to 4 good friends. I know it's still make-believe and all but i've always surrendered myself to this kind of magical storytelling. There were so many values in that show that somehow mirrored what I value in my own real life: friendships, good food and drinks, fighting for yourself, learning to open your heart to accept people for what they are, learning to hang on and letting go... Beyond the glamorous clothes, hair, make up, the fabulous settings, Sex and the City ultimately boiled down to friendships and how the right kind nurtures our souls and help us spread our wings to explore and claim our part of the skies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Earnest--

Caring here. My e-mail to you bounced back and I remembered you had a blog. Sorry if I'm posting this here to reach you.

Am trying to arrange my return flight to Manila end of Feb
and remembered you had wanted "Automated Alice" last year. If you
still want it, I can place the order now so that I can take
with me when I go home.

It's 2:00 am here in NY [right now gross from all the dirty
snow in the blizzard aftermath]. Had only a couple of hours
sleep last night and have a long day ahead of me so sorry if
this e-mail ain't too chatty but do let me know if you want
me to find this book or some other thing.

My love to Veda and Buddy,

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caring again. Please send response to my mfire e-mail address. Salamat po!

11:24 PM  

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