teach me how to say no

Somebody better teach me how to say no.

I'm sitting here in front of my computer attempting to start my article for a magazine. i'm having a hard time writing it. I have done the required interviews and research but i just can't jumpstart myself.

Why am i having such a hard time? It's because the article is about a health issue, that's why. I'm not happy with any of my health articles - i only have 3 so far. I sort of promised myself i'll never do another one as it's not really up my alley. i guess i forgot for here i am in this awkward situation.

this reminds me of an uncle, who upon learning that i was accepted by UP, berated me for not taking up medicine. He told me: "it's a waste that you aren't taking up medicine since you're already in UP." As if being a doctor is the only decent profession one should aspire to.

Then again, we're spending so much for my daughter's pedia needs and my own health needs. so maybe he has a point there. hahaha

ah, well. enough procastination. must...finish...today...since...today...is...my...deadline.


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