the rich are different from you and me

or in this case, people who shop and dine in makati are different from you and me.

Last night i was with friends at Absinthe in Greenbelt 3. Pedicab played. Afterwards, some of us went to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf downstairs. Couldn't resist to take a pic of their latest in-store promo. Hurry, offer only lasts until the 31st of March.

now that's A premium item

but hey, it's still a bargain right? considering the parking fee would cost you around P40 for the first 4 hours. So that's still a "savings" of more than 10% of what you paid for.

This marketing people talaga. They're so target market-specific. I wonder what they will think of next.


Blogger Candice said...

Today at work, someone said: "Yay! There's going to be Seattle's Best at the (building's) lobby!"

In the meantime I was thinking, "Maybe I should bring my own coffee sachets so I don't have to spend P30+ pesos for Dunkin Donuts coffee."

Makati people will never understand the likes of me: Cheap. Mwehehe. I am so not in that market segment!

1:07 AM  
Blogger miranila said...


those damn coffee places are so absurdly expensive. i can only indulge in a mug of hot tea siguro once or twice a month. otherwise, i'd feel guilty. and yet, when we go out, we inevitably end up at one of those franchises. lack of imagination on my part? or very effective marketing on their end?

tama, baon or brewing your own coffee is the way to go.

12:39 AM  

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