Back in Galera

How lucky can a girl be?

I was back in Puerto Galera last Friday for the usual annual team building actvities of the office. Yeah, I know i'm lucky to be back in Galera in less than a month and on an almost all-paid expenses trip. But what i meant by lucky in this scenario was the fact that the first day of the team building also happens to be my first day of work!

Now, how many of you out there can claim that? Hahaha of course it meant meeting everyone all at once and trying to build team confidence with them while trying very hard to remember everyone's name and function in the organization. Good thing Indi is my officemate and she was there to help me out.

but it was swell and a fun time was had by all.

If I fell hard for White Beach last month, I've since switched my allegiance to nearby Tamaraw Beach (or Aninuan Beach). We stayed at the Tamaraw Beach Resort and I tell you it was one of the best beach experiences i've ever had. Pristine, not-so-white-but-great-nonetheless sand, clean waters (no itchy salabays, thank you) and private.

sigh. i'm speechless

Tamaraw Beach is separated from White Beach by a bunch of rocks and boulders and to get from one beach to another requires about five minutes or so of rock climbing. Na, I exaggerate, it's just clambering through the rocks.

But what a difference those set of rocks make. Where Tamaraw Beach was all idyllic and slow and breezy, White Beach on this particular summer weekend is packed with people. The whole stretch of sand is just filled with people: swimming, sun-bathing, getting their massages, eating. All the while people kept coming in as boats came and went. It was madness compared to the relative tranquility of Tamaraw Beach.

But then again White Beach is where the action is. It's the place to be: bars, souvenir shops, board shorts and all sorts of merchandising stalls are here. I was able to buy 4 pairs of board shorts: 2 for me, 1 for my aunt and 1 for Buddy.

It was a short trip, an overnight thingie. We left the following day around 3 pm and I was back in QC by 8 pm.

My friends and I are infatuated with Puerto Galera. Even before my departure for Galera and not soon after Myrene's and Raimund's second-in-less-than-a-month trip to White Beach, we were already making plans to celebrate Raim's birthday in Galera. Yey!

now that's what i call bliss


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ang daya mo! *pout*

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