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ok. this won't be much of an entry. just getting used to the commute, early waking hour, no-time-for-TV, can't-join-friends-in-middle-of-the-week-gimmik reality of having a 40-hour work week. Yup, yours truly is gainfully employed. more about this in a later entry, if at all hahaha. read somewhere that blogs can be the cause of your ruin in your workplace hahaha

which means if you diss your office and superiors on your blog, they better not know of its existence. on the other hand, it can also work to your advantage as your bosses will be apt to be more humane in treating you if they know you can advertise any wrongdoings in the workplace.

ah, well to early in the game to debate the nuances of the preceding paragraph.

anyway, just realized a few days ago that there are many quarters in this world where the statement "Yes, I learned that from Reader's Digest" is not met with a sarcastic laugh or an ironic raising of an eyebrow but is instead greeted with a grave nod as if to say "It's the bomb, yeah?"

oy. back to work. And congrats to the Catholic world on their new Pope. May his policies not harm the rights of women and may governments learn not to impose Vatican principles on the rest of its constituents who are non-Catholics.


Blogger indi said...

oh, man. last year, we featured the vatican and women issue on the isis program. rep. risa hontiveros was our guest and she made a speech in reaction to the vatican letter from then cardinal ratzinger
see speech @ tp://www.akbayan.org/privspeechrisa_print.htm

11:27 AM  
Blogger chino said...

welcome to the daily corporate grind.

10:00 AM  

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