dollz and turkeyz

found these on Momma's Dollz

i know that Thanksgiving Day is still a long ways off and that as Filipinos we really don't have one, but this one is funny.


and this one, hahaha


This reminds me about the pig at the Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe who was suggesting to Zaphod and company which parts of its body tastes best - much like a waiter suggesting the top choices for the day.

as soon as i saw this next animation, i knew i had to post it on this blog. I remember when the whole of Fatal Posporos plus then-boyfriends would flock to my house and play this non-stop. Syempre, there were two mats. Ang laging wagi at nangangareer? Si Annette!! Miss ko na yun.


And we also dressed that way. Not.

Those were fun times.


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