Summer Days

So, here we are. Saying some of our final goodbyes to the wild hot sun. It may have been the hottest summer we've ever experienced so far but I'm not really looking forward to the rains. Especially now that I am so dependent on trains. and you know how it is in this country of ours. the slightest rain can cause major traffic build up and stall a train mid-station. Hay.

As earlier planned, we went back to puerto galera to celebrate raimund's birthday. this time, we had the kids with us. Maps and Raims brought Atari and we had our bebe with us, too. Zach and Aiabebi joined us, too. Rounding out our merry band of beach bums was yaya Nemia. Won't go into details anymore. Just happy and glad that we were able to have this one last 3-day hurrah before summer ended.

private beach anyone
private beach, anyone?

spent our 2nd morning at this private beachfront property. (won't tell you where it is exactly. part of the fun is in the discovering) It was deserted and gave us the illusion that we're the only ones at the beach. Life is good.

And here's my moonchild throwing water at the sea. I dunno why, though.

tapon, tapon mo

now compare the two previous photos to this one at White Beach. Megamall ba? YOu shoulda seen the crowd during weekends at the height of summer. Parang me 3-day sale.

uy, me sale ba ng board shorts?

And this is how I will remember this particular galera outing.

monster laugh

They were such fun. Totally behaved (for their age, ha). Love, love being with my little girl. Couldn't resist asking Maps, while we were walking along the beach heading for our accommodations (the kids were ahead of us): Did you ever imagine, when they were just wee babies and kept waking us up at ungodly hours, that we'd be doing this with them? the answer: No.

since i've written so much about Galera, might as well provide you with the contact details of the places we stayed in. Dalawa lang naman.

Lodger's Nook (White Beach): 0916.756.5196
Tamaraw Beach Resort (Aninuan): 0916.613.2845


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I miss those two kids. And you guys too of course. :)

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