FX muzak

what is it with FX taxis and that station that annoyingly plugs "kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?" every 10 minutes or so?

for three weeks now, i've been going to one of my doctors (naks, i've lots of those now: cardio, neuro, ob/gyne, optha and of course aling thelma, my alternative 'doctor') and has been riding those FX taxis plying Taft and España.

So, that's one round trip a week and more often than not, the radio would be tuned into that station. I now forget its call numbers. Kakatanong nila ng memorize ek nila, nakalimutan ko na talaga. Now that's irony for you.

Anyway, not only are their djs and their jokes corny, they also have the worst choice in what they pass off as music. I mean that's where i heard this really ugly song who's gist went something like: sana di mo na lang sinabi, hindi pa naman kita mahal, kakagaling ko lang hiwalayan, kawawa naman ako kung masaktan muli.

Gah, there's such a thing as workshopping your song, ok? Not everything heartfelt is lyrical. That's why there's a 1st draft and a 2nd draft when it comes to writing anything: articles, lyrics, poems. hell, some blogs are written in drafts first. (not my blog though, so you'd have to excuse my grammatical lapses.)

back to the FX taxis. I was riding one just an hour ago and like clockwork, the DJ played the hottest dance tunes this side of Manila. Starting with that "chocolate song" which swiftly made way to that "bose, bose, bong, bong, bong" one which then smoothly sequed to the "chopeta, marinero" song. Really exquisite. Exquisitely painful, that is. If only I had the money now and am not thinking of educ plan payments and tution fees, i'd grab one of those covetous ipods and plug myself into my own world. (in a few months maybe)

What's even more painful is seeing my little daughter sway and try to gyrate her little tummy each time she hears them on the radio or on TV. Kaloka.

so this is what the real world looks like, hahaha.


Blogger chino said...

Love Radio, diba? kalimutan ko na rin frequency nya.

9:44 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

yup, tama ka Chino. Love radio nga yun. They have a new tag "bisyo na yan." Somehow reminds me of Rufa Mae Quinto hehehe

11:11 AM  
Anonymous arlan said...

cmon earnest, weren't you gyrating to menudo a several years back? =)

9:45 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

psst arlan,

sshhh. huwag mo ako buking. hahaha me excuse naman ako noon. Bata pa ako at walang gaanong taste hehehe

3:19 PM  

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