Cheers for Joyce and Uchenna

Woohoo!!! Everybody now, Hep Hep (hep hep), Hep Hep (hep hep)

Uchenna and Joyce
million dollar babies

Amazing Race 7 was so intense, entertaining and ultimately gratifying. It's just so wonderful and positively affirming that the couple won. Good guys finish last, my foot.

For awhile there though, we were really worried (the whole family was glued to AXN sitting through the endless TV ad prompting the little girl to say: "Oh, ayan na naman") especially when they started the last part with no money and they had to go to the airport to beg for money. I bet they never even thought about asking money from the other teams. They knew they'll just get the cold shoulder treatment with some sarcastic remarks thrown in for good measure.

I was really sorry for them when they were rebuffed by these departing white tourists. It maybe argued that they didn't help them because a) they were strangers and they just said they were part of a race (no mention at all of AR) or b) they were leaving Jamaica and therefore are down to their last dollars. I still have the sneaking suspicion though that it was because of Uchenna and Joyce's skin color. Call me jaded or paranoid, but discrimination still persists in all parts of the world.

Though they spent so many hours at the airport and the other teams were done with the first task of the leg long before they even got to it, they were very resilient, persevering and strategic. They even managed to catch up and even make it on the same plane to Miami with the vile couple, Rob and Amber leaving the other sad couple, Ron and Kelly behind.

I will not bore you with the details anymore (for a recap visit the Amazing Race 7 website). Suffice it to say that I'm so glad that they won. They're probably the nicest couple (and not in a put-on way, ha. They're genuinely good people) that have joined AR. I think that the elderly couple wouldn't have made it to the top 4 if it weren't for Uchenna and Joyce's help although to be fair, their staying power is inspiring and remarkable on its own. (Kudos to lolo Meredith and lola Gretchen!)

And wasn't that a big comeuppance for Rob and Amber? When I heard that the last 2 roadblocks had to be accomplished by Amber, I knew they're in for big trouble. She's so vapid - always relying on Rob for instructions and Rob is just more than willing to oblige. This is probably the reason they're selling the TV rights to their wedding. Tacky couple! So, join me: "beh buti nga sa inyo!" The disappointment in Rob's eyes is priceless.

As you can see, I've invested a lot in this season and thank God, it didn't disappoint.

Funniest scene: Rob carrying Amber on his back (she can't walk because she swam to get a clue) with her butt cheeks hanging out. Juxtapose that with earlier shots of them all cocky and vile just cause they're "survivors."

We can only thank the casting people of AR. They know their shit. They know exactly what personalities to combine to make the race more interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi.just blog hopping.yeah,rob and amber/ron n kelly are assholes that's why they don't deserve to win the race.im also betting for the oldies though aside from uchenna and joyce.

can't wait for AR8!!!cheers!

5:59 PM  

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