Disney HK update

here's one hypocritical post. hehehe

found this on boingboing and it made my heart beat go faster.

Punyetang globalization yan. I know how bad it is: for our economy (no matter what GMA says, opening our markets to foreign products while not making sure that local products can compete or at the least providing some subsidy to make sure local manufacturers don't die at the onslaught of cheap imported stuff), for our culture (disney for my batibot), for our own personal spending (why coke when you can have Zesto's dalandan soda? et al), bad for our workers earning below-minimum wage (sans the 'safety' of being a permanent employee, most are contractuals) and working in sub-standard environs in those export-processing zones so that Nike and the rest can sell to us 3rd worlders over-priced sneakers, shirts, bags, etc.

But ooh, isn't this really pretty?


The train runs four carriages with red-trimmed, Mickey Mouse head-shaped windows, the body painted with intertwining ribbons of gold and “pixie dust”. Hand-rings have Mickey ears. Completing the theme are vintage photos of Walt Disney, along with bronze statues of Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pluto, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Tinker Bell, and Snow White.


HK Disney, choo choo. And away we go.


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