what the hell?

so i was at the ladies' room today. i noticed one door was slightly ajar. I assumed no one was there. i carefully pushed the door and what do i see?

this 40-ish lady squatting on the goddamn toilet bowl. wow! i didn't know whether to be embarassed for her or for me. Naknaman ale, that's so 80s. hahahaha

but isn't that pathetic though? Lady, there are various ways to do the deed without your bum touching the effing ceramic. you just need to be creative.

aghh.. i feel bad blogging this. but i had to. otherwise the image will remain stuck in my brain in the days to come.

it feels though, like i'm adding ammunition to the arsenal of "wise" people out there who think of blogging as senseless and useless and consider blogs as "pretenders to the throne of true essay writing. They mimic the essay much as Eliza Doolittle mimicked the Queen's English before Professor Higgins got his hands on her." (via Metafilter)

Well is it? the blog i mean?

I don't care what the author says. I believe that blogs have their own uses in these times. Sure some are like online diaries with its meaningless chatter and self-congratulatory entries. But blogs are nonetheless revolutionary in the sense that people have access to technology that puts them on equal footing with the powers that be. It's a venue where, with minimal knowledge re web applications, pseudo-intellectual undergrads can argue, debate or counter their more seasoned, older counterparts. it's also a launching pad for change (a number of succesful cyber advocacy campaigns were launched because people blogged about their issues), a space where you can generate funds for a worthy endeavour (like Pia Faustino, who through her LJ, asked virtual strangers to help her out with her trip to barcelona to join the world youth day, in exchange for good deeds), and a space where people sort out their deep-seated personal issues.

No matter how banal and immature or how poetic and profound a blog may seem, i believe that at some level (maybe not as apparent as we want it to be), blogs help us find ourselves, help us set our life directions. A blog is a potent tool in helping us articulate our thoughts on issues (personal or public) that currently beset us. It's also nice to see how we got from point a to point b. i'm sure you have your own reasons for starting and maintaining a blog and every single one is valid.

now, if we can only make sure that everyone (down to the last rural folk) have access to the kind of technology that let's us blog, then we'll truly have a revolution in our hands.


Blogger jenny said...

urgh. mejo not nice nga makita yun. i can just imagine!

heylow nest, jenny ito! musta na? =)

2:22 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for dropping by. I'm fine :) Thankful to be at work during these really hot days. Buti uwi na si baby kelvin mo. happy days ulit :)

5:56 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

True Earnest! Ang galing thanks for sharing your insights about blogging. Kahit HTML challenged and novice, one can still share their thoughts in a medium that places the blogger in almost equal footing with others. Whatever the reason indeed is valid, a true affirmation.

8:44 AM  

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