backstage at the rock awards

I almost didn't make it to the rock awards last friday. I was at home sick - with slight fever and aching joints. my eyes were burning a bit (which come to think of it has been burning since the start of last week). Buddy left for the venue really early in the day and couldn't come back to pick me up. Buti na lang Sherman came over and helped me get out. After a nice dinner at Krua Thai (thanks to Sherms) and a quick stop at Starbucks (where Sherms claimed his planner) and Mr. Donuts, we headed to the World Trade Center.

We mostly stayed backstage, hopping every now and then to the right side of the stage to check out the performances. A quarter of the way, my fever broke out. Ang init sa venue!

My fave moments of the night are: Myrene winning the Bassist of the Year award for Imago and Sandwich, Buddy, Raims and itchyworms for being the Producer of the Year for Noontime Show, Sandwich's DVDX performance and The Dawn's producttion number with Raims, Gabby Alipe (UDub), Dong Abay and Chito Paroks. I took a video of that number kaso lang youtube won't let me upload anything bigger than 100mb. Sayang. I specifically borrowed El's digicam for this purpose. makahanap na nga lang ng ibang hosting site.

Ang saya backstage. we're all just posing for each other's cameras wehehehe while everyone got sloshed by the minute. The show ended at 12 mn. afterwards we headed to Cafe Luce in Jupiter for some drinks and crispy pata. Ako? I had me some garlicky cheese sticks and pineapple juice.

Some snapshots from that night.



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