I have started watching Veronica Mars (take a bow Cynthia, Lia) and i must say i am hooked. Actually i was hooked from the get go but dang if the line didn't get any deeper with the last few episodes of season 1. I can't quite articulate how i feel. Suffice it to say that i haven't felt this kilig for a long time. And it all started with this particular shot:

I haven't seen the whole of Season 1 yet so please do not spoil it for me. If Logan Echolls becomes an asshole again at the end of season 1, please let me find out for myself. I am so dying here. I have tons of deadlines and loads of things to do and places to go to and yet all i wanna do is just stay at home and curl up in front of the tv.

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Blogger Cynthia said...

Hahahha! Fan girl na rin si Nest. I love this kilig moment too, shucks I get goosebumps all over just seeing it on your blog! Btw Nest sorry di ko nasagot msg mo last night, my fone was in my bag and I was driving (ang traffic!) so di na ako tumuloy sa BUB. How was the opening? :D

9:41 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

The Killer Kiss is what they call it. I'm now hung up na din on "momentary thing" the background song. hay, grabe na ito. kinilig na naman ako.

the opening was fine. masaya naman kaso parang paguran ang mga tao. Lia's and Quark's eyes were really tired. Para silang me olympics na ang goal ay pahabaan na walang tulog (as of last night 2 days in a row silang gising). Kawawa naman but they still looked fabulous. Sayang nga wala ka. Nakabili na kami ng cupcakes (at krispy kreme din hehehe). Sarap ng flourless cake ng cupcakes by sonja pati na rin yung berry one.

11:09 PM  

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