So, tomorrow, I’m headed to the precinct to vote. I haven’t been really minding the ongoing election campaign (save to rant when I hear Zubiri’s stupid, stupid jingle. Yes, Indi it is a relief not to be here during election fee-vah). I have, however been thinking about my possible senatoriables and so far I only have about 6 or so. Akbayan is definitely getting my vote for party list.

Walden Bello, one of the fielded candidates of Akbayan, has a website. Ang galing ng testimonials niya – from Noam Chomsky to Naomi Klein to Tado! Hahaha fantastic! (Thanks Len, for the tip)

Walden Bello used to be my teacher in one of my then-masters sociology classes. At that time, I didn’t know him at all except that he was a really good teacher who is often out of the country. But, oh how he made up for those absences. When he’s in front of our class, the air was vibrant with learning and knowledge; I was in a heightened state of learning and was just captivated by Mr. Bello’s intelligence and insight. It was from him that I began to truly understand the lopsided world economic state and how if we ever hope to come up with a real equitable and just global economy, we need to dismantle current structures starting with the WTO. Heady, heady class discussions or rather lectures. Back then, I was thinking, if I ever will have an affair with a much older man, it would be Walden Bello. Hahahaha

A few years later, I came across Mr. Belo in San Mig, El Pueblo during one of the Fete dela Musique events. I was the stage manager for the jazz stage and he happens to be inside my venue. Naturally, I had to approach him and nervously, I held out my hand for a handshake, introducing myself as a former student of his. I told him my name but I could see that no matter how much he jogged his memory, he can’t remember me. Ahahaha. But that’s alright; I wasn’t much of star pupil then (kahit naman ngayon, e).

I am glad that he’s running. Doubly glad that given the ranking of Akbayan in the latest surveys, he’s a shoo-in. Akbayan’s ranking (second) is also something to be happy and proud about. Many of the identified oppositionist party lists were hemmed in by the lack of funds. Government funds due them were held back on flimsy excuses. Despite this setback, Akbayan forged on with friends and supporters to come up with activities to raise much needed campaign funds. A friend who works for Akbayan willingly mortgaged her mother’s house just to be able to keep the campaign afloat. My good friend, El also made an AVP for them gratis while Aimee did her part by holding a fundraising event in Portland, Oregon.


Happy mother’s day to everyone! Despite some reserve about the growing consumerism, you cannot deny that it is a special day. Especially when you are greeted first thing in the morning with this sight:

And receive text messages from friends far and wide, including from:
Caring: maligayang araw, magagandang ngiti sa mga nanay na di lamang mga duyan ang patuloy na inuugoy, kundi pati mga isip, puso, kiliti’t diwa’y inaaruga.

El: “My mother wanted me to be her wings, to fly as she never quite had the courage to do. I love her for that. I love that she wanted to give birth to her own wings.” – Erica Jong. Happy Mother’s Day.

Parang birthday ang pakiramdam :)



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