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okay, 2 posts in a row about veronica mars. more explicitly about LoVe. Ano ba? I dunno how i got int this jam. I am so in deep i dunno what to do anymore. I'm almost done with Season 2 and Lia just promised me to hand me a CD of season 3 tonight at the grand opening of Blow Up Babies in Serendra, Makati (adjacent to Market!Market!).

I've never felt this way in a long time about a tv show: feverish, agitated, just want to talk to LoVe freaks to let off this thing off my chest. I already know much about Jason Dohring, the actor who plays Logan Echolls: 24, married to Lauren, 2nd gen scientologist, originally auditioned for the role of Duncan Kane, says fuck a lot during his interviews hehehe

I've also added the Season 1 sound track to my mp3 player which means there are three entries now for "Such Great Heights": one from the actual Postal Service album, one from VM and yet another one for Garden State. Now i remember the last time i went gaga like this. it was when i was so infatuated with Scrubs and Zach Braff. The only difference was that Buddy and I were both so into the show. sha naman kept ogling Elliot.

Hay. Oks lang. it's good to be obsessive about temporal things once in a while hahaha. but what a great tv it makes. ika nga ni Salon.com's Stephanie Zacharek: While both shows [Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars] pretend to be geared toward a teen audience, it's really adults, well past the trauma of teenagerhood but still all too aware of how much it can sting, that gravitate toward them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pahiram! :)

9:57 AM  
Blogger miranila said...

op kors. kaya lang me pila na hahaha ako i wanna watch it again. Adik!

1:04 AM  

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