sometimes it snows in april

Sometimes, you have to look behind you to move ahead. No matter how much you try to set aside the past in favor of the present, it catches up with you sooner or later. In cases like these, sometimes, the only thing to do is to become the daughter you never were.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


you can grab and use the photos of you guys in Puerto azul if you like for the meantime, hehehe...

naghahalungkat ako ng mga CDs ngayon trying to compile everything that needs to be distributed... hay...

malulunod na ako sa dami ng CDs, hehehe. :P

12:59 PM  
Blogger miranila said...

Thanks Nins.

I can just imagine the number of CDs you have to go through. Parang sasakit ata ang ulo ko hahaha

3:39 AM  

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