Happy birthday, El

I found this while rummaging through junk in one of the closets. I don't know when i wrote it exactly but I'm guessing this was sometime in 1998 or 1999 at the height of my Cynthia Alexander fandom.
What is it about a song
A flick of the hand of a gracious dancer
That immediately links you at that moment, in that place
to friends who are not beside you?

I've been watching Cynthia's set at Bistro for nearly 6 months now and I mean religiously. You'd think by now I'd be inured to her charms, to her guileless artistry. and yet here I am, with tears in my eyes, metaphysically reaching out to all of you. El, a lone woman danced to one of Cynthia's songs and under the bright lights in that small space of the stage, I saw you. Every poetic kick of her leg, every flick of her graceful fingers reminded me of you, of the way you yourself would dance: with no care whether it's 'modern' or 'ethnic." And i mutter a small thanks to the forces of nature that sent you, all of you, to my life.

I'm so mooshy, no? It's quite fitting too that I unearthed this note a day after El's wonderful birthday bash. She treated us (there were about 17 of us) to Ace Water Spa in Banaue. After that kakaibang experience (water + spa experience = one hell of an enjoyable night), we retired to her place for some fortifying food: pasta (El), bacon-wrapped asparagus stalks and fruit gelatin (Dindo), chicken curry (Nana), decadent chocolate cake called Kamasutra (Raffy) and wine, wine, wine.

Veda especially had a great time at the waters even though she got cranky by 11 pm, way, way past her bedtime; she finally hit the sack at 1 am (I know, i know but it's the weekend naman.

So, here's to you, El. I said it before and I'll say it again, I thank the cosmos for bringing us together. You're one hell of a friend!

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