I could never...

Nothing says my favorite show is over than heading to the TWOP site and finding out it’s no longer listed under the Forums dropdown menu. Not only did I lose my show, I also lost an adopted virtual community (even though most of the time I was just a lurker).

Sigh, I really invested a lot in this show. I will sorely miss everyone in that show especially LoVe. It’s really telling that while watching Shia Lebeouf in Transformers, I kept thinking about Jason Dohring and how he would have tackled the role. The damn role just reminded me too much of Logan. I guess it’s the HS setting.

Goodbye, show. It’s been a swell ride. I’ll definitely miss your awesome cast, great writing, snarky dialogues, just-right-for-the-mood musical backdrops, quirky camera angles and lighting, cool pop culture references and the awesome fandom (virtual and real life) that rallied around you. I look forward to the day when it doesn’t hurt as much to think about your untimely demise.

Wallace: You better enjoy this, 'cause this is as nostalgic as I get. I just wanted to say...it was worth getting taped to a pole.

photo from vm-caps

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