Severing ties – there’s something oddly comforting about this particular act. In some cases, it comes as violent a metaphor as it can get; other times it’s a protracted, slow march towards the inevitable. It can be a two-way street with both parties agreeing to the terms or it can be a silent, one-sided affair. Either way, there’s something about it that gives some sort of clarity to whatever that was clouding you.

Love lost. Lost connection. When you finally reach that point, you expect some sort of dramatic emotional upheaval but surprisingly what you feel is… a certain emptiness. You don’t care. You want to feel sad but can’t muster any of its elements except perhaps a shrug and a deep sigh. Strange. Then you realize, perhaps you’ve finally learned the valuable lesson you needed from him. The time has come to move on; time to clear up his space in your heart and make way for those you want to be a part of your life from now on.


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