save energy

ye, who is prone to multi-tasking; ye who has a full-time job coupled with demanding masteral subjects (namely, me: it would do you well to heed this warning.

from today's horoscope:

You often excel at sensible planning, combined with impeccable timing. You can work long and hard to reach your goals. Typically, you keep a reserve of energy for when you need it. But now something pushes from within, tempting you to burn all your logs at once. Don't do it; it's really not a good idea. You probably won't get what you want any faster, so retain some fuel for later when you will need it.

does this mean i can procastinate? to delay doing my assignment that's due on Monday since I will be working this weekend? hmmm

been working so hard the past month (can't believe it's only been a month since i started working again) it's only this week that i got to do yoga again. as expected, i was once again tight in some places, especially around my lower back. Ohh, the agony. I miss my flexibility huhuhuhu

To think that our crazy schedule has just began and there are still so many tasks ahead of us.



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